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The S.O.S. Winter Roadtrip with Alison Gannett

Global warming threatens the future of skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor winter adventures. Even today, ski seasons are shortening, snowpack is decreasing and ski towns are growing nervous about impending economic disaster. Multiple studies suggest that by 2050 the impact of global warming on winter snow and activities will be catastrophic if nothing is done.

Rising to the challenge, Clif Bar & Co. is launching the Clif Bar S.O.S. Roadtrip (Save Our Snow) this winter with special guest Alison Gannett, world free skiing champion and Team Clif Bar athlete who now devotes most of her life to the fight against global warming as an environmental specialist and activist. Clif Bar, whose organic and all-natural energy foods bring nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts, is a leader in the effort to "Start Global Cooling."

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For more info on Alison Gannett visit her website at and Alison’s Blog with National Geographic and Toyota here >>

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