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My Own Two Feet inspires many in Whistler

My Own Two Feet Premiere in WhistlerOn January 30, 2009, "My Own Two Feet", a hi-definition, human-powered adventure snowboarding, was presented to an eco-conscious crowd at GLC in Whistler. Produced by Leeward Cinema, in association with Protect Our Winter (POW), "My Own Two Feet" is showcasing a more responsible attitude as it relates to the environment when it comes to filming and snowboarding.

By using sustainable filming techniques, lightweight and packable camera stablization, crane, cable cam systems and filmed locally, Leeward Cinema was able to produce a high quality film with a minimal impact on the environment. When it was all said and done, the Leeward Crew hiked over 1,200 miles, spent 30 nights winter camping, rode countless first descents and discovered the perfect backcountry freestyle park.

Athletes, industry and film producers have to lead by example and "My Own Two Feet" is leading the way with the talents of: Jeremy Jones, Dave Downing, Josh Dirksen, Marrku Koski, Stacy Thomas, Erik Leines, Chad Oterstrom, Tom Burt, Ben Lynch, Forrest Shearer, Danny Garrity, Jimi Tomer, Shayne Pospasil, Nate Farrell and others in the Sierra Nevada of California.

POW has been able to support 35+ premiere events globally, raising over $50,000 that's been directed towards POW-approved, local-market environmental initiatives like Hilltrip in Whistler.

POW - Protect Our Winters
As more people care and start doing action that demonstrate that they are ready to address climate change, the more our government and corporations will have to make the necessary actions to protect our environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

Part of our mountain riders' footprint is the wax we use. Every time we melt wax, we release several hazardous chemicals that are classified as human carcinogens and every time we ride, toxins end up in nature. To lessen our environmental footprint, there is biodegradable glide product like Magic Potion's eco friendly "wax" available. It's easy to use and it's fast!

Magic Potion - Eco Friendly Ski Snowboard Wax Hilltrip would like to thanks Magic Potion - Maker of Eco Friendly "wax" (now available at Comor, Escape Route and The Nordic Shop in Whistler), Kokanee, Rossignol, Billabong, Escape Route, Evolution, Prior, Showcase, Lush, Clif Bar, The Core, Gone/Mogols/Zog's, Samurai Suchi, Amami Restaurant, The HUB and photographer Rich Glass for donating to the cause.

Special thanks to Rainbo, Emily and Laura for helping out; to James Ray for taking amazing pictures; and to Milton and Stevie James for keeping our two feet grooving.

WE are the SOLUTION! With the right knowledge, the best intentions and actions, WE CAN DO IT!

>>> Press Release: My Own Two Feet - A Human-Powered Snowboard Movie Premiere to Inspire Responsible Attitudes as it Relates to the Environment

My Own Two Feet Premiere in Whistler
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- Magic Potion - Eco Friendly "WAX"

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