ActionONE FACE Global Warming
ActionONE FACE Global Warming
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ActionONE was a success!
By Marie-LN Fortin

I’m very happy by the outcome of ActionONE. We achieved all our main objectives; we raised awareness and money to fight global warming. $1,000 will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation and $1,000 will go to Hilltrip Environmental Programs and Projects, which are all focused on fighting global warming directly and indirectly.

Crispin Cannon
Everyone who was there had a good time. With amazing slides show from photographers Crispin Cannon (picture on the right), Bruce Rowles, Kurtis Croy, and Blake Jorgenson, who would’ve not? And those who was there early had the chance to see brief introduction to the Melting Mountains Program from Ian Bruce. Thanks for the shows!

In spite of the powder days and late night series, ActionONE gathered a pretty strong group of people. Thanks to everyone who came, bided at the silent auction and enjoyed the slide shows.

Lots of people were able to get good deals on ski and snowboard gear, catskiing trips, clothing, bungee jumps, Mount Seymour day passes, Farfalla gift certificate, Black Ohm Tattoos time and art pieces from local artists Chili Thom, Vanessa Stark, Dave “PEPE” Petko, Oliver Roy and Brad Chornaby, among other items.

There was 93 items in total for the silent auction and there was two Glacier Girls (Andree and Courtney) and one Glacier Boy at one point (come on the split), selling balloons with prizes insides. Some highlights: Snowboards were sold under $250, skis under $350 and Powder Mountain Catskiing Day trips under $200.

Courney & Andree During the whole event, there was information available about how global warming is affecting our mountains and how we can help reduce these impacts. Global warming is happening right now - glaciers are melting (worldwide, melting rates have doubled since the 1980s), that snowlines are rising and that winters are getting shorter - and its really threatening our mountain lifestyle.

Hopefully the message was understood and everyone will understand that we are all part of the solution. If we want to ride powder and especially want to ride the glacier in the summer time, we ALL need to start action now.

David Rouleau
With ActionONE, Hilltrip has gained a lot of credibility in the snow sports industry. Hopefully this will help us accomplish more to improve the sustainability of our mountain lifestyle including mountain resorts environments and the snow sports industries. There is so much to be done, Hilltrip as a lot on its plate. In the next few months, you can expect a brand new website to be launch with more awareness and action!

Thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation and Melting Mountains. A special thank you also to Kelly Saldat-Brix, Catherine Charron Viens, James Morris, Matin Momtazi, Olivier Roy, and other volunteers for their help in making ActionONE a success.

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